Engel MR40F 38L Fridge Freezer 12V

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Engel has you sorted with the MR40F Eclipse Fridge Freezer – 38 litre model
Energy consumption is great with this fridge, with the cleverly-designed and energy-efficient Japanese Sawafuji Motor, which makes minimal noise.
You can run the fridge off either 12 volts, perfect for when you go on a camping trip out bush. Total fridge weight is 32Kg which makes it easy to transport and handle with plenty of latches and handles to secure.


  • Sawafuji swing energy efficient motor
  • 12V only
  • Full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Low DC Current Draw: 12V 2.75 Amps
  • Cooling capacity up to 50 degrees below ambient temperature
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Heavy duty handles that can be used as tie down points


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