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  • Inverter System
  • Full Frost Free System
  • Multi Air Flow System
  • Electronic Control System
  • H:1680mm Perfect size for cabinet
  • Humidity Control Crisper
  • Reversible Door
  • Interior LED Light

CTM550 Manual

1680mm gold standard product height 

In line with the current needs of the Australian market, the fridge is a convenient 1680mm height

Frost Free

No need to defrost, Constant temperature, Strong freezing
CHiQ frost free inverter refrigerator adopts advanced air-cooling and inverter technology to automatically defrost, which solves the problem of manual defrosting in traditional refrigerators; the air outlet is completely dry and food is not easy to stick together, making freezing more effective and powerful.

Inverter system
The CHiQ Frequency conversion system helps you to control temperature and its fast cooling fan system ensures constant, reliable air flow

Multi air flow system,
3D air flow
Multiple stereo air flow guarantee uniform temperature and no frost inside each chamber. The cooling air channel adopts the uptrend or circumferential outlet air technology, so as to avoid air-drying food.

Knob control system

Sensitive touch and computer controlled easy to personalise temperature settings for fridge and freezer

Independent box

Special space for Butter or  medicial storage

Interior LED light

With LED energy efficient lighting offers soft, clear lighting throughout
More, brighter lighting
Back light source, LED energy saving light source delivers clear, soft lighting

Crisper with humidity control

According to the need to adjust

You can adjust the humidity in the fruit and vegetable drawer to keep food fresh 

Recessed handles for sleak modern design

Reversible doors

Includes kit for changing from Right hand opening door to Left hand opening door to suit your needs


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