Side By Side Fridge with water dispenser – no plumbing required!

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The CHiQ super-efficient inverter system is quieter than traditional compressors, keeps your food fresher and saves on energy consumption.

The CHiQ Multi Air Flow System ensures chilled air reaches each shelf quickly and uniformly to ensure your food to stays fresh for longer. Also the unique design of the up turned air ducts avoids the chilled air drying out your food.

The LED digital temperature display and electronic controls ensures the optimum control of each zone and can be easily set into different modes according to the actual requirements.

Abnormal odours and microorganisms are dissolved by the CHiQ LECO System which also discharges natural C02 & H20 material to actively eliminate bacteria.

Quick freezing seals the freshness of the stored items.

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Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 704 × 912 × 1770 cm


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